Arnhem 1944 Fellowship - Company Message
After much work we are pleased to announce that four life members of the Fellowship got together and launched in April 2016 on an unsuspecting public a book on the 10th Parachute Battalion in WW2 called Desert Rise Arnhem Descent. The main contributor was Martin Peters who had spent at least 20 years interviewing, researching and writing the story. The other three helped to put the icing on the cake and pull the story together.

Update as of September 2017

A small number of paperback copies have been reprinted and the official book launch is at 1500 on Saturday 16 September at Meijer and Siegers bookshop in Oosterbeek. it is intended  that the authors will be present and so you can get a signed copy.

Otherwise to obtain a copy please email arnhemdescent

The book is £30 to Fellowship members and £35 to those who are not. Postage extra. Enquiries  from non Fellowship members can be made but bear in mind priority for sales until 20th September will be to Arnhem Fellowship  members.

In April 2016 one person in the UK paid £90 for a copy and a copy was recently sold on eBay for £119.99 so it is suggested you get a copy before it is too late.

This second version is a revised and enhanced edition and includes 3 new annexes and an updated nominal role. The book is 312 pages long and includes nearly 200 B&W photographs, maps and documents. It weighs 1.3 kgs.

These are some comments received about the first version of the book:

Absolutely magnificent. One of the best if not the best Arnhem book in the last 10 years.

Magnificent, thoroughly researched and well written. The use of colour maps  is great and have helped me to understand their actions greatly.

All work stopped whilst we looked at it!

Immediately goes into the top five Arnhem books ever!

Easily one of the best books on Arnhem I’ve ever read.

Easily one of the best ever Arnhem books - if you are a serious student of the battle you need this book. 

Finally from the son of a member of the 10th Battalion who was at Arnhem:

I ordered the book (one of 400 in a limited edition) and had in detail, more detail than ever before, the history of the Battalion and its part in the Battle of Arnhem. There are references to my Dad and his fellow evaders; even his photograph (one I obviously supplied to Martin Peters over 20 years previously), along with that of Roy Gregory. It transported me back over 70 years, to a time in sleepy Somerby when my Dad (‘A’ Company) was billeted in large stables not far from the Stilton Cheese at the end of the High Street. There are accounts of visits to Leicester for the weekend, of training and various exercises in preparation for the Operations ahead, of many Operations which were cancelled at the last minute and of Operation Market Garden itself. I learned that the ‘Market’ was the air assault and that the ‘Garden’ was the ground assault (I’d forgotten about that). I was able to imagine the steps taken by Dad from RAF Spanhoe to the edge of the wood near Maasberg (Theo’s farm) where he and 8 others lived for 5 weeks behind enemy lines. And, of course, the account of Pegasus 1. This tome is a fitting tribute, not only to the 10th Parachute Battalion and those who served so admirably and bravely, but also to my Dad, of whom my memories will never fade but will burn all the more brightly for such a publication.
Sadly all 400 copies have now been sold but there are plans for a reprint in the future and watch this website for details.