Arnhem 1944 Fellowship - Company Message

Photos of the AGM 2014 (by Jon Dijkstra).
Photos of Sir James Cleminson Tree Ceremony
Courtesy Marcel Anker
( Marcel Anker)
(Marcel Anker)
 (J Howes)
(J Howes)
 (J Howes)
Tony Hibbert's daughter, Carolyn, laying wreath at Ede Mausoleum Monday 22nd September
 (J Howes)
(J Howes) 
Following photos from Jon Dijkstra
The Chairamn Dave Locke saying a few words about Sir James Cleminson
Ginkel Heath:
Early days at the entrance or the calm before the storm!
If your name is not on the list......
Geoff Roberts of the 7th KOSB ably supported by the good friend of the Fellowship Robert Sigmond.
Harold Padfield 1st Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers with the flower children.